Slog Entry – January 23

It’s alive! And with a decent subdomain url, too. Pretty fantastic.

And this is my first post! It’s been a busy week. Being new to Python (outside of this and CSC108, my experience with it has been nil), I’m really enjoying what we’re starting to learn now.

Python was my first real exposure to learning object-oriented coding, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was delving back into PHP programming and working on expanding what I know about it – essentially to object-oriented things in the language. Having the introduction to classes and objects in CSC108 and now diving deeper into them in 148 is fantastic. It feels like it’s a bit perfect, the timing, and it makes me ecstatic.

A lot of what we’re learning in lectures nowadays is, I find, interesting and rather intuitive after an introduction. Exceptions are really rather neat, too! I’ve experienced try blocks with using PDO in PHP, and running into them in Python again is another one of those perfect-timing moments.

I talked with Dan recently in his office hours about why it was that exceptions are preferable over printed errors, and he told me that it allows larger programs to be utilized without deciding how to handle errors for the developer; that is, the developer gets to decide how to handle exceptions, rather than having a string of words suddenly printed where it shouldn’t be. Though admittedly, that would still be jarring enough to want to fix the issue. Maybe not so nice though, hah. It was a very good answer and made me really appreciate the exceptions.

Exercise 2 was also posted today. I took a look at it and worked on and finished it. Not too bad, I think. I think the pep8 Checker() function is a bit finicky though. I don’t really like those blank line errors. ┬áIt’s one too many blank lines for my coding preferences.

def function():

def function2():

It’s going to be odd, but I can live with it. Easy marks are easy marks, after all! Honestly, I just did that to test out the code tags on this WordPress shindig, hah.

Welp, that’s it for now! Until later!